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I have a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics from Cornell University.  My doctoral thesis was in the fields of critical phenomena and the thermodynamics of quasicrystal formation.

I have practiced patent law as a patent agent for over 30 years.  I particularly enjoy inventions involving advanced science and mathematics, and working in the fields of audio and toys.  I have been retained by independent inventors, start-ups, and prominent corporations such as Epson, Apple Computers, Ricoh, Tokyo Electronics, E-Mu Systems, Sonic Solutions, George Massenburg Labs, and University of California.


One of the pleasures of working as a patent agent is learning about new fields of technology.  I've had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of fields, including digital signal processing, data compression, data storage systems, superconductive devices, flameless combustion reactors, liquid crystal displays, surgery equipment, magnetic resonance imaging, investment portfolio optimization, frequency synchronized radio transceivers, audio signal processing, toys, non-sinusoidal spread spectrum radio transceivers, micro-instrumentation, microfabrication, and microstructure coupled-wave diffraction analysis. 


I often provide second-opinion reviews since, prior to working with me, many of my clients had worked with attorneys or agents who didn't quite understand their inventions and therefore couldn't properly protect them.  Having had to change attorneys numerous times myself in the course of litigations to protect my own inventions and in filing and prosecuting the patent application for my initial invention, I know how common it is to have inadequate representation and appreciate how vital it is to have dedicated, top-notch representation.

I am an inventor myself with 12 patents responsible for over 6 million units sold, and can bring creativity to the patenting process when necessary.  Although not widely understood or appreciated, creativity is often vital in obtaining patents for "simple" inventions and inventions in crowded technological fields, both of which typically receive considerable resistance to allowance from the Patent Office.

patent agent san francisco

Laurence Jacob-Lev Shaw, Ph.D.

Patent Agent, Reg. No. 34,723

"Over the course of three decades we have worked with many patent attorneys and agents, and none has been on a par with Laurence Shaw.  He has understood our technologies, presented them clearly, and obtained broad patent protection.  He has our highest recommendation for the patenting of complex technologies."

"Laurence Shaw is the most intelligent, thorough, knowledgeable and ethical patent professional I have ever dealt with."

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