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For a patent application to be well-written, patent counsel must thoroughly understand the invention. This requires technical expertise commensurate with the sophistication of the invention.  It also involves asking the right questions and delving into the details of the invention to (i) find areas of patentability which an inventor might not initially recognize and (ii) provide a strong base of support to draw upon for the challenges involved in obtaining allowance. 

Arguments for patentability must be presented clearly and convincingly.  A single word can make the difference between a worthless patent and a patent which effectively protects your intellectual property.  Therefore, patent applications must be written with precision.

Developing effective patenting strategies requires not just knowing the laws and procedures, but understanding the institutional psychology of the Patent Office and using it to advantage.

Creativity and inventiveness should extend all the way from the conception and development of an invention to obtaining the patent application's allowance.  Although it is not generally appreciated, creative thinking is crucial in finding patentable aspects of an invention, anticipating how competitors -- possibly in combination with future advances in technology -- might try to circumvent the patent, and drafting patent claims covering the broadest possible ground.

My background as a physicist, patent agent, entrepreneur and inventor allows me to bring an unique combination of technical expertise, legal knowledge, business experience, and creativity to your project to provide patent application drafting and prosecution services of the highest caliber.


"Laurence developed effective patenting strategies, successfully guiding our applications through the Patent Office efficiently and at reasonable expense. He has a comprehensive understanding of the patent process and is highly creative with a deep insight into the nature and flow of innovation itself."

"We never had a patent rejected. He was always on time, very patient, and very smart.  The patent world is a maze and it was reassuring to have Larry Shaw navigate us through it."

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