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US Patent No. 6,757,323
Rapid signal acquisition by spread spectrum transceivers

US Patent No. 7,630,930
Method and system for portfolio optimization from ordering information

US Patent No. 5,863,235 Spinning/rolling disc

US Patent No. 6,400,754
Spread spectrum localizers


US Patent No. 8,369,185
Inter-diver signaling device and process

US Patent No. 5,248,845
Digital sampling instrument

US Patent No. 5,377,232 Frequency synchronized bidirectional radio system

US Patent No. 5,649,015
Speaker simulator


US Patent No. 5,421,452
Data disk case with slidable tray section

US Patent No. 5,848,926 Removably adherable construction elements

US Patent No. 6,454,679
Bipedal locomotion training and performance evaluation device and method

US Patent No. 6,550,738
Height-adjustable pickup-bed cover prop


US Patent No. 6,044,219
Date logic generator

US Patent No. 6,047,356
Method of dynamically allocating network node memory's partitions for caching distributed files (specification)

US Patent No. 5,524,074
Digital signal processor for adding harmonic content to digital audio signals

US Patent No. 5,719,826 Calendaring system


US Patent No. 6,896,578 Swinging bob toy with liquid-containing bobs

WIPO Pub. No. WO/2001/055669
Caching of intra-layer calculations for rapid rigorous coupled-wave analyses

US Patent No. 5,674,742 Microfabricated reactor (specification)

US Patent No. 6,650,302
Ultra-wideband monopole large-current radiator


US Patent No. 7,740,517
Multi-function yo-yo

US Patent No. 7,387,583
Rollable, stackable two-part ball

US Patent No. 6,110,004
Room-environment string-pull construction toy

US Patent No. 5,924,907
Marble track construction toy

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