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My company produced a number of toy inventions which we expected might be difficult to patent. Laurence developed effective patenting strategies, successfully guiding our applications through the Patent Office efficiently and at reasonable expense. He has a comprehensive understanding of the patent process and is highly creative with a deep insight into the nature and flow of innovation itself. He has excellent communication skills and an extraordinary attention to detail. This rare combination of creativity, professional expertise and diligence makes him one of those sought-after professionals that is not only expert at their craft, but is truly a pleasure to work with. I think one would be hard-pressed to find better patent services.

Adam Tobin, Executive Director,
        Chabot Space & Science Center

(formerly President, Tobin Toys)

My late husband was an inventor and worked frequently with Mr. Shaw over a number of years. What was unique about the relationship was that Mr. Shaw taught my husband how to do a great deal of the work himself, thereby saving us a tremendous amount of money. Mr. Shaw reviewed, added and edited and we never had a patent rejected. He was always on time, very patient, and very smart. The patent world is a maze and it was reassuring to have Larry Shaw navigate us through it.

Lynn Klamkin, Independent Internet Professional

Our companies specialize in integrated system design where innovations in processing algorithms, analog electronics, and chip design are closely tied.  Over the course of three decades we have worked with many patent attorneys and agents, and none has been on a par with Laurence Shaw.  He has understood our technologies, presented them clearly, and obtained broad patent protection.  He has our highest recommendation for the patenting of complex technologies.

Bob Fleming & Cherie Kushner, Principals of

Aether Wire & Location, Inc., Affinity Devices, Inc., and fut-heuristix

Laurence Shaw is the most intelligent, thorough, knowledgeable and ethical patent professional I have ever dealt with. Starting with the simple proposition that, in order to patent an invention, one must actually understand it, he writes lucid, logical, precise and defensible claims, strategically crafted to achieve the fullest breadth of legal protection. His work is genuinely beautiful.

Peter Fraenkel, Risk Management Software Consultant

(formerly Global Director of Quantitative Analytics Technologies, UBS Investment Bank)
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